Sophos Firewall help businesses change the way they scrutinise and respond to security threats on their network. The unique next-generation firewall protection solution is built exclusively to expose hidden risks on the network and to stop known and unknown threats by automatically responding to breach incidents. The server security solution intelligently highlights risky users, anonymous and unwanted apps, advanced threats, suspicious payloads, encrypted traffic, and much more for the benefit of the business.

Sophos XG Firewall Helps Businesses Embrace the Remote Work Culture

Businesses often struggle with mounting IT expenditures incurred by Wide Area Network (WAN) or internet services when they move to the cloud. They seek to benefit from transitioning their WAN infrastructure to more cost-effective public internet connections like cable, DSL, and 3G/4G. Still, they welcome added challenges like possible compromises on reliability, quality of service and uptime in the process. Having multiple service providers and connections between the points can become cumbersome in the end.

Sophos XG Firewall comes powered with Xstream Architecture that promises a boost in visibility, protection, and performance.

It comprises three components:

  • Xstream SSL inspection eliminates the blind spots in encrypted data. It does this by maintaining performance levels while still permitting the use of SSL inspection. There is no longer a need to be worried that it will lead to declining performance or damage.
  • Xstream Network Flow FastPath allows for known secure traffic to be routed to it. This enhances performance, especially for voice and video applications.
  • Xtream Deep Packet Inspection Engine makes sure that companies do not have to choose between security and performance. It can search for threats without the need for a proxy that slows down the process. This increases efficiency.
Additionally, it delivers enhancements to integrated SD-WAN capabilities which are designed specifically for distributed organisations with remote and branch locations. SD-WAN ensures both savings and simplification. It allows business organisations to flexibly route their most crucial application traffic offering a high degree of granular control. Even businesses with more than one internet connection can define routing through the backup gateway WAN connection and can be configured for replay course. The Synchronised Security solution can identify 100% of all networked applications, including evasive, encrypted, obscure and custom applications.

Sophos XG Firewall Allows Visibility Into What’s Happening on a Business Network

XG Firewall promises extreme visibility, thus removing blind spots when it comes to threats and security breaches. Businesses enjoy detailed insights into all your network traffic regardless of its encrypted, evasive, or elusive nature. Companies can push the applications they favour, forward while limiting the ones they dislike, through unmatched app identification. Enhanced visibility allows businesses to identify suspicious or malicious threats on the network to stop unfavourable attacks and breaches.

An integral part of an exciting list of enhancements for managing multiple firewalls efficiently, Sophos makes it possible for businesses to access the firewall reporting in the cloud. For companies that manage numerous firewalls, Sophos Central offers group firewall management features. This makes it easy to roll out changes to objects, policies, rules, or configuration items across multiple firewalls. Businesses can also monitor and audit all changes in real-time or historically.

Further, it omits the need to dive into each firewall device to get desirable information. Sharing of log data provides flexible reporting tools that enable businesses to monitor, visualise, and analyse network activity directly in the Sophos Central dashboard. Central Firewall Reporting allows businesses to create custom reports too.

Further, there is scope for customisation. Businesses can choose from a selection of protection modules including Network Protection, Web Protection, and Advanced VPN technologies. Thus, companies are able to mould the Sophos XG Firewall according to their individual needs.

Thus, Sophos XG firewall is the most advanced firewall that you can have to protect your business. We suggest that you contact BUS ICT to ensure that your Sophos XG Firewall is deployed properly and efficiently. You can try a free demo on our website or contact us for a free trial.