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Why undertake an IT Audit?

Audit is a long-standing management tool for corporate governance that is increasingly recognised to be of equal value for technology management.

The results of IT Audit need not be restricted to IT governance activity; it is considered vital in corporate risk mitigation for organisations to undertake regular external IT Auditing projects to ensure that executive supervision of technology activities is taken seriously.

It is considered best practice to undertake periodic external IT auditing services to consider efficiency, costs, service levels, risk profile and business alignment. These may take the form of a broad IT Review, or specific compliance audit activities.

Gain visibility and control over your IT systems with empower ICT’s IT Auditing Services

empower ICT- Australia’s leading Managed IT Services Provider brings to you the most reliable and effective IT audit services in Perth. All of our audits are focused on providing the required oversight to the organisations executive, but also give truly actionable advice on how to improve service levels to the business.


What is an IT Audit?
The IT audit is a process of evaluating an organization’s information technology infrastructure, applications, data use and management, policies, procedures and operational processes against recognized standards or established policies. It examines that the controls to protect information technology assets ensure integrity and are aligned with organizational goals and objectives.
What is the process of the audit?
empower ICT’s IT auditing process is conducted in four stages i.e. Planning, Field work, Reporting and Follow-up.
What are the services included in an IT audit?
The IT auditing service by empower ICT includes IT Operations Audit, IT Infrastructure Audit. IT Governance and compliance Audit, IT Risk Audit and Business/IT alignment Audit.
How long does an IT audit generally take?
The IT audit duration depends on the size, complexity and involved risk of each department. Based on these factors, budget hours are established during the planning phase of each audit.
For which industry does empower ICT provide IT auditing services?
empower ICT’s IT auditing services are available for all types of industries involved in technology-oriented work, as business technology is common across all industry verticals.

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