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empower ICT outsourced IT Support services 

As the preferred IT outsourcing company in Perth and Melbourne, our consultants are able to provide you with a service that effectively implements strategies, so your IT systems continue to operate without any downtime.

Included in our services is the setting up of all the relevant infrastructure and software that can assist you with your day-to-day operations.

Our IT outsourcing services include, but are not restricted to:

IT Support

IT Support services allow you to stop worrying and keep working. Leave technology implementation and management to us so you can focus on your core services.

Data Backup

Data backup and recovery services protect your business from the threat of critical data loss. Having a solid data backup and protection solution will keep your business running smoothly.

IT and Internet Security

IT and Internet security solutions from Leap save you from the hassle, time and cost involved in keeping your network safe. We are constantly learning and innovating to protect your business from the latest threats.

Why choose empower ICT?

Dedicated expertise

Outsourcing your IT needs to our team of IT professionals ensures that you’ll have the latest technology as well as technical and strategic knowledge and experience.

Decreased risks

Our reliable IT support team monitors your systems while you work, providing solutions to reduce your risk and give you the best IT experience in Western Australia.

Enhanced profits

Delegating your technology needs allows you to reduce stress and focus energy on your business, boosting your team’s productivity and improving your ROI.

Local Helpdesk

Our team of experienced IT consultants can assist with 1st – 3rd level desktop, application, network and server support.

Suitable Support Plans

We offer a variety of support and service plans that are competitively priced and tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Field Support

If you need onsite IT support, our consultants are able to visit your business and provide you with the services you specifically need.


What is empower ICT’s outsourced IT Support service?
Outsourcing IT support service deals with engaging a third-party service provider to maintain and support the business’s or customer’s IT infrastructure. empower ICT acts as a third-party service provider and undertakes IT outsourcing operations for specific customers and parts of infrastructure so that customers can focus on their core business while empower ICT’s team manages their IT.
How does IT support services help?
The IT systems store most of the valuable information about an organisation. That is why it is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of these IT systems. Getting these systems managed from outsourcing IT support service helps in saving money and time of the organisation.
What type and size of organisation suitable for empower ICT’s IT support services?
All businesses located in Australia that are involved in technology-oriented work can benefit from IT support services with empower ICT but we are especially well-suited to small and medium-sized businesses.
Does empower ICT provide emergency support service?
Yes, the team at empower ICT is available 24/7/365 to provide businesses with emergency support services. Talk to our experts for more enquiry.
empower IT support service is available in which locations?
empower ICT has its head office in Perth and Melbourne but its IT support services are available at all locations in Australia.

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