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DRaaS Services For Your Business Protection

As per the Cloud Data Management Report (2019) by Veeam, on an average, every year, organizations
face four unplanned outages. The cost of this downtime is 2,000 to over $144,062, per hour
to the business.

Rapid and Effective Data Recovery Solutions by empower ICT

Data is the lifeline of a business. Large–scale disasters are growing and causing data loss; these disasters are just a technology fault away. According to research, it is found that enterprises are using backup data solutions that are both costly and outdated.

Data loss prevention planning is essential to ensure continuity and prepare for future threats. A reliable data backup process and a disaster recovery solution can help enterprises protect against the site-wide disaster hits.

empower ICT is a trusted Cloud Offsite Backup and Data Recovery Services provider in Perth and Melbourne, Australia. Our Data recovery services ensure that all your valuable data is protected, secured and can also be restored easily whenever required.

How Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services Work?

  • We partner with the best technology partners to ensure that we offer our clients the best reliable data loss prevention services.
  • We recommend the best solution after working closely with the clients to determine their needs and find a solution that is ideal for their business.
  • With our data recovery service in Perth and Melbourne, you do not have to large –up your front capital costs as we will offer you the option of flexible payments.

Why empower?


We have experience in implementing the best Cloud and data loss prevention solutions in enterprises across Australia.

Continuous Support

Our 24X7 support services will be there to support you around the clock and resolve all your cloud backup and data recovery issues.

Flexible payment option

We offer the Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services with an option of flexible payments, making it easier to gain better control over the IT budget.


empower ICT’s IT services to meet the APRA and ASIC requirements.

Quick updates

With our full IT-system recovery, the key application points are updated in just a few hours.

Real-time Monitoring

Our services also offer real-time monitoring of Recover Point Objective and Recovery and giving you a better control over the process.

Vendor Agnostic

We select the products for client’s security based on their requirements and not on the vendors we are associated with.

Ongoing Assessments

We ensure the complete security of your network and systems through on-going assessments and round –the –clock monitoring.


What is DRaas?
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud-based data backup service model that hosts and replicates the business’ data and applications in case of a natural or man-made disaster.
How can Data Recovery service benefit a business?
The cloud-based data recovery is important for all types of businesses since it helps in protecting the applications and data in the event of an incident. It can be especially useful for small to mid-size businesses that lack the necessary expertise to provision, configure and test an effective disaster recovery plan (DRP). It also prevents organizations from having to invest in — and maintain — their own off-site DR environment.
How does empower ICT monitor Backup & Disaster Recovery as a Service?
Empower ICT’s IT support team offers real-time monitoring of Recover Point Objective and Recovery and giving you better control over the process.
In which locations does empower provides Data Recovery service?
empower ICT has its head office in Perth and Melbourne but its data recovery services are available at all locations in Australia.
What are empower ICT’s support hours?
empower ICT’s provides continuous 24/7 support services to support you around the clock and resolve all your cloud backup and data recovery issues.
Whom do I contact for help or support?
Call our technical support team on 08 9200 6053 .

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