On-premise PBX

On-premise PBX

empower ICT provides the best On-premise PBX solutions, we help businesses by deploying or refreshing the PBX at that office site, or we will host PBX centrally in our data centres that are highly secured.

Remove all your business communication challenges with empower ICT’s on-premise PBX system.

What is on-premise PBX?

On Premise PBX phone system is a form of a PBX system that resides in the company’s premises and uses PBX. The phone system in this phone system is located on the premises of the client and our purchased outright.

empower ICT offer both the Hosted and On-premise PBX system solutions that are tailored according to specific business requirements.

What is the difference between on-premise and Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX

  • Hosted PBX is also known as the Hosted VoIP or the Internet Phone System in which the responsibility of housing the IP PBX is in the hands of a provider.
  • The provider will manage all the technologies that are required for the phone system.
  • The provider charges for the services monthly.

On-Premise PBX

  • On-premise PBX systems can also be known as the IP-PBX phone system. This system is similar to that of a traditional PBX system that resides at a particular location.
  • In this PBX system, IP routing is done using more advanced technology.

empower ICT offers you both hosted and on-premise PBX solutions. Our on-premise solutions will offer you the following benefits:

  • With this system, you can connect the equipment or the PSTN  and ISDN trunk circuits that cannot be shifted to the Cloud.
  • When you purchase our on–premise PBX phone system, then no third party will be involved and it will be owned and managed by you at your premise.
  • This solution is best for the businesses that have the IT resources who can manage snd upgrade the system.
  • Not dependent on the quality of your data connection.

Why empower?

National Coverage

We offer our services to small, medium and large organisations across Australia. Our market understanding and experience working with a wide range of companies help us in serving all your IT needs.


empower has years of experience in managing the entire IT and communication environment. We work with a wide range of organizations to offer our clients the best strategic support.

Customer – First

We will offer customised solutions that suit your business needs. This includes areas such as service management, service levels, and the amount of on-site and off-site support.

24/7 Remote Working Support

We offer continuous remote working support to ensure that your team continues to work efficiently and safely from their respective locations and devices.


We are Sophos and Microsoft certified and this ensures that we are in pace with the current technical requirements and roles.

Your technology partners

empower ICT offers an extensive range of IT services and solutions that will support your business objectives. Our solutions will help you bringing down your costs, improving efficiency and bringing new clients.

Vendor Agnostic

We select the products for client’s security based on their requirements and not on the vendors we are associated with.

24×7 Advanced Performance Monitoring

We use an advanced monitoring to ensure that all your network’s devices are healthy and are also functioning optimally.


What are the features of empower ICT’s on-premise PBX services?
empower ICT offers reliable and effective On-premise PBX solutions that come with several useful communication functions such as— voicemail, custom music on hold, time-based behaviours, conferencing, call parking, intercom, and paging—that incur substantial costs.
Hosted or on-premise PBX- Which solution is right for my business?
A hosted voice solution is ideal for any size of business that is looking for easy set-up, self-management of users and features, and simple monthly payments. An on-premise solution can be good for larger companies that have a dedicated IT operational team. There are also often backup power supplies that can safeguard against potential power cuts. Although if this were to happen with a hosted solution, disaster recovery technology means that your data will always be protected and safely stored in the cloud.
Are empower ICT’s on-premise PBX phone systems scalable?
With empower, the users can exercise complete control over the On-Premise PBX Phone System. It provides maximum flexibility and the user can even switch solutions or mix-and-match.
Does empower ICT provide emergency support services?
Yes, empower ICT’s service desk is available 24/7/365 to help businesses in resolving all their network service-based issues easily and quickly.
In which locations does empower provide on-premise PBX service?
empower ICT has its head office in Perth and Melbourne but its on-premise PBX service is available at all locations in Australia.

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