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Australian SMBs are embracing digitisation at a fast pace and 85% of them already have a plan in place. However, a significant number of them are more concerned about cybersecurity – 77 % of SMBs have voiced their concern about the cyberthreats a significant rise over the past year. (Source – Australian Cybersecurity Magazine)

As per recent study by Cisco, SMB have suffered significantly.

  • 66% say that a cybersecurity incident affects their reputation negatively.  
  • 57% saw loss of trust with customers.  

It’s not something that any business will appreciate.

Empower ICT – most trusted amongst cyber security companies in Perth – has helped several businesses with fortified cybersecurity.  

Don’t let your guard down in this fight – awareness about cyber security threats helps in timely preparation. 

Deadliest Security Threats Targeting SMBs 

Every small business must be aware of these threats and implement a solution to keep them at bay before they can cause any damage.  

Viruses including Malware 

These are malefic applications that are designed to cause damage to your IT infrastructure components – servers, desktops, network devices and even the client systems. Trojans, viruses, spyware, adware, and worms are some malware types. 

Once they are in your network environment – mostly due to inadvertent download – they can cause severe damage and could bring the business operation to a halt. 

Empower ICT can implement the best security solution and prevent any potential damage to your network infrastructure.  


This threat made headline across the globe for all the bad reasons. A ransomware attack brings systems to halt and victims are asked ransom to restore normalcy.  

In worst case scenario, a ransomware attack can damage the company’s data, block access to the file and even encrypt them to make them useless. The victim has to pay ransom in the asked format but even after paying it, there is no assurance that the system will be restored to normalcy.  

These attacks are usually carried out using a Trojan camouflaged as attachment send from a legitimate email id that business frequently interacts.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) 

It’s an attack that can bring down the vital servers that offer services to customers. The normal traffic to the server or network is disrupted by overwhelming it with a flood of internet traffic. 

The resulting traffic jam slows down the performance and eventually brings the service and the network to a grinding halt. Some signs that you might be under attack –

  • Dubious significant amount of traffic originating from single IP device of range.  
  • Large traffic from users coming from the same device type, geolocation or web browser version. 
  • A single page or endpoint device getting flooded with traffic surge. 

At Empower ICT we have won the trust of several Aussie SMBs. We are amongst the most trusted cyber security companies in Perth that saved businesses from not just unpredictable losses, but also protected any damage to reputation from halted operations. 


It’s one of the most prevalent scams reported by individuals, SMBs and others in Australia.  In this attack the perpetrators try to steal the confidential information by disguising as genuine person or organisation.  

During this pandemic the number of these attacks rose significantly. The attackers in the guise of government agencies, and well-known organisations send emails seeking additional information. These emails were related to  

  • Fresh local cases and way to curb the spread 
  • Email about how to access government benefits or financial assistance 

These phishing attacks were sent over emails and other media looked authentic, and convincing as they replicated the legitimate the messages from the trusted sender. The messages contain the logos and a call-to-action button to trick the recipients into sharing their personal banking details – name, date of birth, credit card details, username and passwords etc.  

Many of our customers could avert such attacks owing to the most reliable cyber security in Perth. 

Advanced Threats 

The attacker quietly gains unauthorised access to the company’s networks and remains undetected for longer periods. It’s done to get information in authorised way, disrupt the systems, cause damage or perform some other malicious attacks. The attackers are well aware of using intelligence gathering techniques to prioritise specific task like data theft. SMBs in particular are more at risk due non-existent security systems.   

Trust Empower ICT – Rock Solid Cyber Security in Perth 

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Several businesses trust us to ensure impermeable cyber security. We have ensured this by implementing best-in-class solution. Moreover, we are managing the entire IT infrastructure to ensure that these customers focus on business growth than worrying out managed IT services,  IT security and managing the systems. 

Do you want to focus more on business growth? 

Speak to our consultants and they work-out the best security solution considering the specific needs of your business. Once implemented, you can focus more growth aspects.  

You can even consider outsourcing the management of the entire IT infrastructure. More than 350+ businesses are already benefitting from our various services.

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