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During this pandemic, the lockdowns pushed several businesses to the brink of closure.  

Reason? They could not respond to their customers – no service!

Many customers moved ahead in want of services to other companies who could respond. These businesses use hosted PBX from Empower ICT.  

It’s a hosted solution that delivers the online telephony with all the features of a PBX phones and much more. Your team can receive the customer calls and respond to them from anywhere – ensuring uninterrupted accessibility. 

So, yes, a hosted PBX phone system delivers more customer satisfaction. However, it is capable of more – rendering a memorable customer experience. It equips your team with numerous additional features that are unavailable in a traditional phone. 

– Excellent Voice Quality – Better Conversations  

It that shapes the experience of the customers when they call on your contact numbers. A clear and high-quality voice is necessary for good conversation.  

Cloud PBX offers HD voice quality which makes the entire conversation a pleasant one for the customer as well the call-recipient. None of the businesses want to annoy their customers with an inferior voice quality.  

The phones use a codec as a feature to render high quality of voice. Empower ICT customers have seen their customer satisfaction rise after using our phone system. 

Audio Conferencing – Relevant People in Call 

It is an important feature for the managers and business owners. They can easily get related people on the same call without being physically present. 

With PBX audio conferencing, it’s easy to connect with customers or a remote team easily in a matter of minutes.  

Empower ICT has helped many enterprise grade customers with online telephony. Now their team is capable of handling the customer queries instantly, even if it involves team-members from different departments.  

Voicemail to Email – Missed Call Reminders 

With a hosted PBX system, the voicemail messages can be transcribed and attached to emails. The feature is very useful when the call recipient is away from the desk or in a meeting due to which he is unable to pick up the call.  

Voicemail to email features helps to stay them connected even when they are unable to pick up the call. Mobile employees can use this feature to stay connected to the callers if they had to move out without planning.  

Auto Attendant – Greetings & Routing to Right Recipient 

Our PBX phone system enables SMBs to enjoy the same features available to the large businesses within their budget.  

The auto-attendant feature effectively manages the incoming calls and helps to reduce the risk of losing customers due to missed incoming calls. A fully customised auto attendant helps to record: 

  • Greeting for the day, night and weekend 
  • Include a hold message to the customers as their call is being transferred to correct person automatically 

Every SMB can now give the best experience to customers with the use of auto attendants. Use it to route the call to the most relevant customer service rep without needing to transfer the call more than once.  

By avoiding customers to wait, the auto attendant improves efficiency in call-routing and boosts customer satisfaction.  

Call Recording – Access of Important Conversations  

SMBs can achieve excellence is customer service by recording business communications with customers. It helps to recap, understand, and follow-up on the important points. In the absence of this feature, voice conversation doesn’t have any trail. Call recording changes all that by saving the conversations.

  • Recorded conversations can be referred later on 
  • It can also be shared with other team-members who may need it 

For contact centres, call recording also helps to train customer service reps training and feedback. It helps to improve the level of service. 

Call recordings help you understand what transpired during the conversation, what worked well and what did not.  

Softphones – Uninterrupted Service with Anytime Access 

Our cloud PBX also offers soft phones. These are very effective in rendering uninterrupted customer service due to their portability.  

No need for physical device. This soft phone makes smartphone or desktop as good as office-desk phone.  

App Integrations – Better Relationship Management 

If you are a business that uses productivity apps, our online telephony system can integrate with them. It enables the team to call directly from the app and also log all the call activity.  

Call recordings and transcripts are also generated and stored within the app for future references. At Empower ICT, we offer a solution that enables your business to deliver better customer satisfaction. 

Empower ICT Cloud PBX – One Solution Many Benefits 

cloud pbx phone systems

We have helped several enterprises benefit from PBX phones and deliver ultimate customer satisfaction. They have realised –  

  • Cost savings 
  • Anytime anywhere accessibility of phone system 
  • Customer service centric features 
  • Easy scalability 

Speak to one of our consultants and find out how your business can get these benefits from a hosted PBX. 

Also, find about on premise PBX and host of other solutions that we offer. 

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