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Apart from the user experience, there have been many factors that have pushed for the mass adoption of Desktop-as-a-service. Although today it seems obvious that businesses worldwide have opted for DaaS, that wasn’t the case 4-5 years ago. It all started when one of the bigger brands, i.e., Amazon Web Services, started offering cloud-based desktop services rather than just cloud storage and Azure was not released.

However, a decade later, the demand for such hosted systems has increased and more and more businesses are opting for hosted desktops. And 2020 has most certainly made most companies realise the worth of managed desktop services and managed IT support services. Several benefits such as not having to download heavy and costly applications and low-cost use are added advantages.

However, there are many other advantages of opting for DaaS that push for their implementation.

  • Requirements in a Modern Workplace
    The technology changes and according to it, people’s perception and their requirements also change. With an increasing focus on remote working and reducing dependency on in-house infrastructure, the focus on opting for subscription-based solutions such as DaaS and other managed IT support services has increased. Businesses get to reduce their overhead costs such as the need for a dedicated workstation, whereas employees get to work from the comfort of their home without having to worry about machine downtimes or similar issues.
  • Cost-Effectiveness
    As with many cloud initiatives, DaaS or managed desktop services work on a subscription-based or pay-as-you-go model, leaving businesses with more cash on hand to spend on their core operations and focus on their growth. This also gives businesses a window to expand their core workforce and reduce expenses such as maintaining an IT department. In addition, most managed desktop service providers also offer network security services that they club in their package. This is an additional benefit that businesses can avail.
  • A Scalable Solution
    Due to its delivery model, DaaS enables businesses to add user workstations quickly and with convenience. This is especially useful for organisations that utilise contract resource or temporary project teams. Since there’s no hardware to procure, the businesses have the flexibility to create and avail a custom desktop almost instantly and delete/discard it when no longer required. Such flexibility induces seamless scalability and puts the organisation in control to scale up and/or down whenever needed.
  • More Control
    DaaS helps businesses manage inevitable risks such as giving staff the freedom to work remotely and virtually on any device. However, such freedom never gets out of control as the business can control essentials such as data access and compliance without being excessively restrictive. They no longer have to worry about what type of information or data is held on a user’s desk as the cloud keeps all the data safely to it at all times. This is also a better way to control company assets as the key personnel can restrict any team members to access certain files with the click of a button.
  • Management
    With an increasingly dispersed workforce, rolling out new applications or patching existing software has become more of a logistical problem than a technical one. Trying to coordinate people bringing in physical devices to be patched is a real issue for many companies, something which is entirely eliminated with DaaS. You operate on one central image (or a small number of images based on persona), a change is made once and everyone is on the latest version. It removes the need to standardise builds of end-user computer hardware as DaaS will run on almost any device no matter its configuration.
  • Minimal to No Security Risks
    DaaS virtually eliminates security risks due to two significant factors. One, the data is only virtually available on desktops as its ultimate location is the cloud storage centre. And two, DaaS adds an extra layer of security through the network security services provided by the service provider. Even if an employee loses its laptop or gets a desktop managed for any possible reasons, it doesn’t pose any security risk as DaaS is virtual in nature and it can be used on possibly any system with authorised access.

DaaS belonging to different service providers run on specific platforms and if the business opting for DaaS also uses the same platform for other cloud services such as website hosting, virtual storage, etc., then, it becomes even more convenient for them to migrate. Clients are already familiar with the service provider and the quality of their services. They already know if they can rely on the service or not and that makes it easier for both.

Managed IT services and managed desktop service provided by Empower ICT can help a business optimise the operation and administration to desktop deployment to improve efficiency and reduce downtime. IT Support services offered by Empower ICT ensure that whether the business is big or small, it’s growth and core operations doesn’t pause at any point. This is to ensure that when you handover your managed desktop service, you can relax as they will take care of everything; from installation to support.