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Upgrading equipment has a range of benefits that gives a business a competitive edge. This is specifically true for the businesses that work with a technical setup installed at their workplaces. However, things are different now as most workplaces have switched to virtual workplaces that promote remote working. And in such a scenario, relying on a stationary setup installed in an office can be quite stressful, therefore, opting for a solution that resolves this issue and also facilitates remote working, becomes a must.

Businesses that look for robust communication systems should switch to a hosted PABX also called hosted phone system, to meet the needs of the time. There are ample reasons to know how much value a hosted PABX can add to your business. However, it is also important to understand what a hosted PABX system is.

What is a Hosted PABX or Hosted Business Phone System?

A hosted PBX system enables the service provider to offer their services through an off-site cloud-based server that can direct calls anywhere. The overall package includes equipment, technical support and dedicated connections for all individual connections for designated individuals in the company. A hosted PABX phone system offers business phone services that run on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Value Addition through a Hosted PABX System

Reliability –

Hosted PABX gives reliable communication support to businesses. Every call through the hosted PABX is connected without lagging response time, lapses or delays in call quality. Since the system is hosted locally via a secure and resilient data centre, it ensures improved quality compared to traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) connection. This also eliminates the challenge of on-premises systems such as infrastructure issues, power supply, scalability, redundancy and mobility extension of desk phones.

Functionality –

Your business should not suffer due to the poor voice quality over the phone. empower ICT’s PABX phone systems ensure high-definition voice quality. Apart from this, the hosted phone systems offer call forwarding, call parking, call waiting music/message, caller-ID, auto-attendant accessibility for multiple devices, and accessibility to and from virtually any location across the globe. Such features allow for moving calls between devices and streamline the flow of incoming calls. In addition, easy call transfers to specific sales staff according to specific clients and requests is an added advantage. Such features along with voicemail-to-text opportunities can be extremely useful for improving sales and serving customers more effectively.

Scalability –

Since PABX phone systems are extremely scalable, it is quite easy for all types of businesses to scale up or down according to their requirements. They can add or remove connections, new phone lines or even expand the services to a new branch in real-time. Such scalability in the business phone services can aid a business with major advantages such as simple relocation process, seamless communication, ability to access people from almost anywhere in the world, flexibility along with a protected network. In addition, businesses also do not have to deal with sudden changes, shutdowns or delays as the service provider bears the responsibility to deal with them.

Maintenance and changes –

Maintenace of hosted PABX system is hassle-free since upgrades can be done remotely. This is specifically beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford to install an expensive setup and they can opt for a more convenient and cost-effective setup that’ll also support remote working. The business avoids maintenance and up-gradation expenses as the servers are set up off-site whereas the service provider facilitates routers, switches and telephones for the overall service package. With empower ICT managed IT support, you get 24/7 maintenance and support of everyday communication work.

empower ICT is one of the trusted telecom service providers offering telecommunication business’ IT Support in Australia so the businesses can focus on their core operations. Their understanding of industry-tech, when combined with the expert application of the infrastructure, ensures seamless communication across platforms and locations. Tech infrastructure implement by empower ICT is skilfully managed by their various teams located in Melbourne.

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