Office 365 Backup: What You Need to Know

Do you understand how long Office 365 will keep and back up your information? Have you got the essential steps documented to recover your data in case of data loss? Do you have a plan in place to protect your organisation against rogue employees or accidental deletion?

You may believe that Microsoft completely backs up Office 365 information as part of the subscription, but this isn’t the case. Office 365 was not built to provide data security solutions.

So it’s essential for you to implement a reliable solution to back up your Office 365 mailboxes and your documents in OneDrive and SharePoint Document Libraries.

Choose a Microsoft 365 Backup Solution Tailored For The Enterprise. Your Enterprise.

empower ICT Partners Office 365 Backup solution is built from the ground-up for the enterprise. Our Office 365 backup solution includes enterprise-driven features such as:

Intelligent Workforce Management:

Simplified employee on-boarding and off-boarding with bulk activation and automated addition/deletion users. Thus, employees have their data backed up from day one at work. Multiple admins are also supported. We backup inactive Office 365 account data and supply cross-user restore, therefore there is easy data transfer between new and departing employees.

High ROI with Unbeatable Pricing:

Our Backup solution offers enterprise-friendly customized discounts for bundled, high-volume and multi-year packages. Backup of inactive Office 365 account data makes it possible to save on Office 365 license expenses. In addition, to save on backup licenses, you can export, and zip archived info for local access straight to your own S3, Azure, Box or Dropbox storage.

Flexible Office 365 Recovery Options to Any Storage with Unlimited Retention:

Instantly recover information without overwriting existing data using point-in-time, non-destructive restore. The visual historic snapshots ease point-in-time retrieval, and advanced search and filter options help restore individual items or entire mailboxes at a snap. All with unlimited retention, and that means you’re not limited by retention policies. Our solution has additional capability to self-service retrieval and backup to your own cloud S3 compatible storage (BYOS).

Zero Adoption Effort, Intuitive Admin-Friendly UI:

The Office 365 backup includes seamless integration with all Office 365 plans. Our user interface is intuitive, allowing for quick and effortless OOTB usage with two-click recovery. And for Office 365 administrators, the solution offers advanced customer management, transparent position tracking, email alerts and activity logs.

We have your backup secure and always available: 

Your Office 365 backup is fully protected with AES-256 data encryption at rest and in-transit, and a 99.9% uptime SLA. Office 365 backup has in-built secure authentication with MFA/2FA, OAuth and Okta support.

Contact empower ICT, if you would like to further understand –

  • Why do you need backup for Office 365
  • The right strategy and quantity of back up for your organisation
  • How organizational information is missing and common risks
  • Office 365’s native rear up capabilities–and what it doesn’t cover
  • Option for backup and granular restore & right to be forgotten
  • How other organisations have solved their back up challenges with empower ICT Partners engagement.

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