As of Jan. 14, Microsoft no longer offers technical assistance or software updates to your windows 7 and the company has encouraged people to upgrade to Windows 10 to keep their PCs and laptops secure.

“The specific end of support day for Windows 7 will be January 14, 2020,” Microsoft says. “After that, technical assistance and software updates from Windows Update that help protect your PC will no longer be available for the product.

Therefore, it’s important that you upgrade to a modern operating system such as Windows 10, which can provide the latest security updates to help keep you and your data safer.”

Do I really have to switch to Windows 10?

Nobody can force you to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, however it’s an excellent idea to do so the main reason being security. Without security upgrades or fixes, you are putting your computer in danger — particularly dangerous, as many forms of malware goal Windows apparatus.

What are the key benefits of upgrading to Windows 10?

Increased security – Unlike previous versions of the OS, Windows 10 offers automatic security updates by default, to keep systems more secure

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana is also available on Windows 10 PCs. The OS also integrates better with Microsoft OneDrive along with other cloud tools.

A feature called Calls allows you to set and respond Android calls in your own PC (and you’ll be able to connect your iPhone for your Windows PC as well).

A dictation feature enables you to easily record ideas.

Better built-in support for newer types of hardware including secure boot capabilities with UEFI, USB 3.0, Bluetooth adapters, high-definition screens (i.e. better scaling), and solid-state drives (eg NVMe).

Windows 10 Migration Made Easy

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