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Unplanned downtime can prove costly for any business. Every year, several Australian businesses suffer losses due to it, and mostly the details aren’t reported. However, here are some eye-openers from Dun & Bradstreet 

  • 59% of Fortune 500 companies face at least 1.6 hours of downtime per week 
  • unplanned downtime costs up to 35% more than planned downtime 

Should you wait for an unplanned downtime to cause disruption and incur losses?  


Most business owners agree that there are significant costs involved 

  • reputation of the company could get affected 
  • employee productivity may be impacted

Banks, financial market intermediaries, and hospitals are some industries where SLA requirements have to be complied with. 

Every concerned business needs a proactive approach to manage technology infrastructure. Speak to solution providers for business IT support in Perth. Deciding on the best needs some effort, though. 

Begin with identification of business requirements for ‘high availability’ 

A small business can do this by creating a list of servers and workstations. IT teams at a large enterprise may have already identified the critical business servers and workstations. Business critical resources need to be monitored closely.  

Speak to providers about the right approach to secure high availability for these. As a leading managed IT services provider, Empower ICT offers different approaches: ‘Proactive’ and ‘Fully Managed’ to deliver SLA based performance.  

Create an IT plan 

After discussion with various solution providers, it’s time to create a plan. Every server or workstation included in it must meet the uptime goal of high performance.  

Managed service providers often help you in setting the relevant goals. Empower ICT has helped numerous Australian businesses with optimum uptime.  

Ask questions from the providers of Managed IT Services Perth and decide on the best 

The chosen partner will manage the business-critical resources and ensure desired uptime. So, its capabilities must be proven, and the services reliable. Finding answers help you make the best decision. 

Q1 | How will you ensure optimum uptime for our business systems? 

Every managed services provider which has been in this business for long has established procedures and offer different services.  

‘Proactive’ service from Empower ICT secures your Servers and Workstations for the selected servers and workstations. 

  • round the clock performance monitoring 
  • protection against viruses and malware 
  • maintenance of key applications 
  • patch management 
  • monitoring and maintenance of backup 
  • preventive maintenance 

‘Fully Managed IT’ service monitors entire IT system. It is meant for businesses that need very high level of network reliability and service-quality.  

Q2 | Do you provide services in Perth? 

Many businesses prefer to hire a local service provider. If it’s a priority for your business, find out those who have a local presence. 

Empower ICT has it head office in Perth. We offer services across the country that helps large enterprises with nationwide presence. 

Q3 | What are your USP’s? 

Every service provider is unique in terms of the service offered. Spending time to understand the fine differences helps. 

Empower ICT offers its service as monthly subscription with no complex long-term contracts. Small businesses can easily budget for it. 

Low Cost. We offer managed desktop, IT auditing and outsourcing services similar to any IT department. However, your monthly expense is reduced significantly with subscription.

Minimal IT Failures. We work hard to ensure that your business never faces any unplanned downtime. Any unforeseen issues are promptly resolved, nullifying their business impact. 

IT Partner Approach. Our approach is comprehensive. We work closely as your very own IT department, not a mere external provider.  

As the pandemic recedes, every business wants to focus on growth. It means more time and resources for core business activities. Managed IT services Perth from Empower ICT frees you from worries of managing the network and lets you focus where it matters the most. 

Q4 | How do you respond if an incident occurs? 

The response time of the service provider during an incident creates a lot of difference. Having clarity on this aspect ensures that your business won’t suffer in case of an unforeseen event.  

Empower ICT provider 24X7X365 Help Desk that ensures prompt resolution. Call the number for prompt support. 

Once you have all the answers, making the right decision is easy. 

Trust Empower ICT – Australia’s Best Managed IT Services Provider 

We are an Australian owned company with national presence and have been in this business for more than 10 years now.  

Our approach of ‘strategic partnership’ ensures that we understand your business needs better than anyone else. We offer customisations to meet needs perfectly. Login to self-service portal and see the network performance.  

More than 350 Australian businesses trust us. Our consultants go an extra mile to safeguard your business interest. Have a discussion with them and find out how business IT support Perth saves cost and worries too. 

Get in touch now at 1300 850 210.