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Covid-19 turned out to be a great disaster for businesses and their employees. It was a sudden setback for the workplaces as it became challenging for the employees to stay connected with their employers. The organizations had to experience a block in the development of their workforce as problems like loss of communication, data loss, and cyber threats surfaced. This pandemic situation made the employers realize the importance of managing efficient telecom and information communications to deal with the workforce from remote locations.

After the situation gets normal and the curve finally flattens, there are many questions in the mind of employers about the future steps for their workplace environment. According to the experts, the traditional working environment is unlikely to restore immediately even after the relaxation from Covid-19. The solution remains to work remotely, all the while strengthening and investing in the technology needed for efficient work.

What can be done by employers?

1. Building trust and communication

There is a crucial need to establish trust within the framework of the business after the conditions get normal. With employees working from remote locations, better communication solutions such as efficient cloud storage and fast networks can help the organizations to stay in touch within their workforce.

2. Network security

For an efficient and hassle-free work environment, data security is of prime importance. Due to an increased rate of cybercrimes during Covid-19, protection of data from malware, fraud, and cyber threats is necessary. The employers cannot take any risk of losing confidential information into the wrong hands.

3. Investing in technology needed

Businesses need to establish the required solutions and technologies for a better digital experience for their employees to cope up with the new virtual systems of working. Employers must start investing in more efficient infrastructure that can host and manage all their applications and IT services for a smooth flow of work.

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Services provided by Empower ICT

A systematic and organized telecommunication and IT solutions like Empower ICT is a one-stop solution for the complications faced in the digital work environment due to remote working. Empower ICT is one among the very few service providers who offer solutions like Telco, IT, internet services and cloud services for small business enterprises.

  • Mobility: Creating, sharing, and using relevant information on the go.
  • Cloud: Access company data at anytime from anywhere.
  • Unified communications: Effective and efficient communication through a single platform.
  • Network services: Maintain proper connectivity and speed.
  • IT services: Reliable IT consultancy and solutions.
  • Network security: Protection from cyber-attacks and frauds.

Why Empower ICT?


The dedicated team at Empower ICT Partners offers effective solutions by managing applications and IT services on a global network. We help in accelerating the performance by improving work experience and reducing risks in the future at affordable prices


Our team helps in maintaining business communications by providing voice, video, and data solutions in one package. Services such as call centre solutions, video conferencing, and CCTV applications along with various internet plans for business help in improving connectivity through a single platform.


Empower ICT has been providing business telecommunications solutions for small businesses and large businesses in Australia, offering Telco, IT, cloud, and IT security. We have partnered with most reputed technologies such as Telstra, Microsoft, Amazon, Sophos, Cisco, and Panasonic business.


Our services focus on the smooth functioning of both small and large businesses by providing email security, mobile security, network security, and endpoint protection by continuously monitoring performance status and faults.


Our IT services make sure that you are using the latest versions of software and technology that can enhance the productivity of your business. Office 365, Telstra cloud gateway, Sophos security firewall, Telstra locator, and Stay Connected are some of the new generation solutions that help businesses to stay updated and connected on a global platform.

The after-shocks of Covid-19 have increased the need to focus on establishing a secure and reliable IT systems network to maintain the easy flow of work within the organization. Therefore, Empower ICT Partners are always ready to take the responsibility of managing and strengthening your ICT infrastructure with the help of our skilled workforce. For maintaining an effortless, smooth, and hassle-free functioning of your work and efficient connectivity among your employees, our team is just one call away. Contact us at helpdesk@empowerict.com.au or visit www.empowerict.com.au for more information.

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