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The way Australians work has changed during these last two years. Working from home is a new normal for the employees of many SMBs.  

Will it continue, or the businesses will start to work from office again?  

CXC shared insights on the emerging trends. 

Remote working is permanent. Australian corporates are adopting permanent work-from-home policy, as productivity in remote working has actually improved. They are investing in right technologies to ensure WFH stays.  

Employees are happy working-from-home. A recent study by Gitlab found that employees are ‘likely’ to remain with their employer because of support for work-from-home (WFH) policy. 

These trends are precursor of future work-culture and SMBs should better focus on imbibing the change. Remote IT support ensures that your team works-from-home without facing technical issues. Here are the steps to get a solution for your business. 

Step 1: Requirement Identification 

A small business can begin with identification of devices and other IT infrastructure elements that need to be supported.  

  • Desktop and laptops 
  • Network devices 
  • Printers 
  • Local backups and storage 
  • Wireless routers 
  • Servers 
  • VPN 
  • Applications 

In a remote working environment, your team may use their own devices. If these need to be supported, add them to the list. Now you know what needs to be supported. Subsequent steps will clarify how the support will be provided and what is included. 

Empower ICT offers remote support for various infrastructure elements and has met the requirements of hundreds of businesses across the country. 

Step 2: Discuss the remote support service with providers 

A solution provider that offers remote support and ensures a glitch-free experience to the team has to be decided upon. Different providers vary on the granularity of the service they provide.  

Comprehensive remote IT support services for anyone should cover each and every element whether it’s an endpoint device, antivirus application or something else. Here are some of the services included. 

Virus removal and protection: The devices are always connected to internet over different kind of networks. If virus infects anyone, the files may also get infected. Sharing of such files may affect other devices too.  Virus removal service promptly remove the virus and secures other devices. 

Malware removal and protection: Malware is any software that intrudes a device with malicious intent. If it is not removed, it can damage the entire device and disrupt the work. Malware removal service removes it from your IT systems. 

Spyware removal and protection: As the name suggests, a spyware gathers information about your system without any permission poses a security threat. It has to be removed promptly to secure other devices. 

Desktop and laptop speed cleaning: A team member may face difficulty due the slow speed of the laptop. This service cleans endpoint devices and makes them work faster.

Wireless network setup: Setting up a wireless network needs technical know-how. This service installs the wireless router in the desired premises. 

Server configuration: Enabling the protocols, modifying the port for a protocol, or configuring encryption need to be done for configuring the server. The remote support should include this service too. 

Device setup: When the team expands, many new devices need to be setup. For remote team, it is done remotely by the support provider. 

Printer setup: Added a new printer in network? Let the remote support set it up. There is no need to spend hours waiting for anyone to arrive.  

VPN and access permissions: Granting access to specific applications for your team members or setting up of VPN for secured access is also managed by the remote support. 

Data backups: Whether the data is being backed up locally or on the cloud, the backup procedures are the responsibility of the support provider. Regular backups can be cumbersome for any small business. It’s best to delegate this task to remote team. 

There are several other services that an IT support Perth provider could offer, and having a discussion brings clarity. 

Empower ICT remote service includes all these services and much more. Our team of experts have supported hundreds of businesses remotely even during the pandemic.  

Step3: Create a budget and decide 

The remote support service price varies from one provider to the other based on what is included. The pricing mechanism could be based on the devices served, or it could be a monthly subscription service. 

Get the pricing in detail and calculate the cost. Create a budget, and discuss with the selected remote support provider to decide.  

Empower ICT has a transparent way to price remote support service and ensures that it fits your budget.  

remote it support

Remote IT Support from Empower ICT – Serving 350+ Australian businesses 

We have been providing remote support in Perth and across the country for more than 10 years now. Even during the pandemic, our experts continued to support businesses for remote device setup and more.  

We are different because we are customer-centric. Tiered support, field support and availability of many solutions that fit your specific needs set us apart.  

Our consultants have helped several businesses implement their work-from-home initiatives. Speak to them, for a setting up a permanent remote work environment.

Call 1300 850 210 and change the way your team works.