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Every small business in Australia is working hard to put growth back on track as the pandemic recedes. Optimising investment in IT is now a priority for many of them. 

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a solution that empowers. It allows you to provision key applications to team without purchasing additional desktops and laptops. Now, they can get their virtual desktop anywhere on their own device. 

DaaS increases productivity, and enables your team to offer uninterrupted customer service. Consequently, the customer issues reduce and better profits follow.  

1% reduction in customer service issues could generate an extra $40m in profits for a medium-sized company over five years. Source: Secret Customer 

Many small businesses are using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with these benefits. 

1# Savings From Reduced Hardware Expenses 

There is no need to spend money on purchasing new hardware. You don’t have to worry about frequent desktop and laptop upgrades, either. 

  • Fast virtual desktops save on new hardware costs and expensive upgrades.  
  • Employees can use their own devices. BYOD policy implemented with DaaS reduces the need for company owned hardware. 
  • Low maintenance thin-clients can be used in office to bring additional savings. 

DaaS is priced per user per desktop basis, making it easy to budget for. Empower ICT implements the solution and reigns-in big savings for your small business.  

2# Supports Flexibility and Business Growth 

Remote working becomes permanent after implementation of DaaS. Your team can log in to their desktops from anywhere and deliver service without interruptions. Those businesses who implemented DaaS never faced any outage even during pandemic induced lock downs. 

If you are looking to expand in different markets across the country you will not feel tied down due to limited IT infra. Grow fast and increase teams across different locations. With DaaS, any employee in the new location can easily access applications on his virtual desktop and complete the tasks. 

DaaS makes your business truly digital with national presence and digital workspace that can be accessed from anywhere. 

3# Pay Only for Service Usage 

The traditional IT approach requires creating hardware capacity with little consideration to usage. The result – you end up paying for you may not use.  

DaaS is a subscription-based service payable monthly. There is a no need to create any hardware capacity beforehand, as the newly added team members can access the service from their own devices. 

As a customer, you have to pay only for the service usage and not for the hardware. Empower ICT can help reduce the IT costs so that you only pay for what you use.  

4# Complete Control 

DaaS implementation doesn’t compromise on data loss risks as the applications reside in the data-centre or the cloud. It only delivers the virtual desktop along with applications. Your team accesses the desktop and application from anywhere. All the files rest in the virtual desktop and application data resides in the data centre or the cloud. 

You have complete control over the data as it remains within the centralised system. When any team member leaves, the access granted to him can be revoked easily. 

For a small business, DaaS offers everything to grow at a low cost. Empower ICT has helped several Australian businesses grow in this way. 

5# Secure Work Environment 

A small business doesn’t have a big IT infrastructure to secure. So, you might not even consider having a dedicated team for securing the data. 

DaaS implementation does away with the need for end-point security. All the data is stored in the cloud or in the data centre. Access control and authorisation mechanism ensures that only permitted members have the access. Moreover, you can also manage this authorisation. 

6# Makes Your Business Future Ready  

DaaS makes your business future-proof. Scalability is built-in. You can compete with larger peers by offering services across the country. Adding a new employee and provisioning a new virtual desktop can be done in a few clicks. 

Remote desktop services from Empower ICT enables remote work environment, supports expansion and scales-up the team size without worrying about significant investments in hardware. 

Your team can render service without interruptions with virtual desktops from anywhere.  

Empower ICT – The Best Provider for IT managed services in Perth

More than 350 businesses have trusted us to manage their IT needs. We have implemented DaaS across business of varying scale. Most of these customers have reduced their IT costs significantly. 

Any small business can use this service to create remote teams, expand rapidly across different markets without incurring significant IT cost. DaaS helps your team focus on business growth and serving customers without worrying about hardware. 

Claim your free consultation for implementing DaaS in your business now. Get in touch with us for this and other services here. Sales & Enquirers | 1300 850 210