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E-mails are the most common modes of communication in any business operation. 90% of the cyber-attacks globally are done via e-mails for the same reason. In a world where businesses are so much dependent on data save on their cloud or office computers, it becomes utmost important for them to think of their email security issues.

Often users are tricked to give-in sensitive information unknowingly, by opening phishing e-mails of fake invoices or some malware or ransomware link attached to these e-mails. The default security levels of existing cloud-based e-mail solutions are not enough to tackle these cyber-security risks in-hand.

In this digital era, every business communication and tasks are done through emails. From contract information to the latest revenue reports, if you aren’t using email security solutions then your existing email data isn’t confidential when you send and receive emails. Your one wrong click can land you up in data breach. It can also disclose your private and information and financial statements. This is why email security is important and should be considered as a priority. Here are 5 benefits you can expect if you switch to email encryption:

Here Are Our Top 6 Benefits of Email Encryption:

  1. Avoid the Business Risks

    Nobody wants to send unencrypted emails to leak out their information. They all are aware with the current situation and how any stranger can perform email threats by disclosing your confidential information in your emails. Your competitors can too, use email threats on you. Hence, it is essential to avoid this risk by encrypting your sensitive email data.

  2. Protecting the Confidential Information

    From your credit card number to your banking account number, email security is very important for your life. In case your mail is not encrypted, anyone can misuse your personal information for their ulterior motives. These wrong elements can make your life turning into the nightmare. Even the username and password which you type can also be stolen without much difficulty. So, make sure to avoid leakage on such essential information. Using email encryption can save you from a lot of problems.

  3. Invalidating message Replay Possibilities

    E-mail messages have a tendency to be modified, saved and altered. There are possibilities that a person can receive an authentic message once and can receive fake messages later. You can easily get conned and won’t be able to differentiate when by receiving fake messages on the behalf of well-known official sites. In case the message was just deleted they will not even know that it had ever been sent. Hence, it is important for you to secure your emails security.

  4. Avoiding the Identity Theft

    What if a person has an authority to open your email servers, because they have access to your id and password? This is risky because the stranger can not only read your confidential emails but can also send false emails on your behalf. This conning is referred as identity theft. Using email encryption can help you to avoid these risks.

  5. Your Unprotected Backups

    The moment you sent a message, it gets stored on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Servers – outgoing mail servers. s This works as a backup in server disks that encompasses the text copies of your messages. The backups can be present for years. If anyone has access to the backup file, they can easily read your messages. They can even blackmail you or use the information to your loss even if you have deleted that message for everyone from the chats. Thus, email security solutions are the only way to deal with this.

  6. The Conclusion

    Taking care of E-mail security issues is a must when you run a business. Empower ICT provides inclusive email security services in order to stop malware & e-mail frauds. We control all your inbound and outbound emails and prevent your confidential emails and information from getting into wrong hands.

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