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With the growing cyber-security threats which are now a part of this technology filled world we are living in, businesses need to be on high alert and be able to manage the security related problems which come along every now and then in the best ways possible.

James Snook, deputy director of the UK’s office for cybersecurity, states in his quote, “My message to companies that think they haven’t been attacked is: ‘You’re not looking hard enough”.

The growing number of mobile devices we all bring every day to our work carry serious cyber-security threats to any business out there. Mobile device management solutions come into play here as third-party software to make businesses ready for all such evolving cyber-security threats.

Business Mobile Device Management and its Importance

Mobile Device Management is a way to strengthen corporate data security of any given business by simply keeping an eye on the devices which are used in the enterprises. These devices can be laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. The portability of mobile devices enables them to be used from anywhere. With the advantages which mobile devices bring along, there are certain problems like unauthorized data access and data leakage which come along as well. MDM enables the IT heads to securely manage devices which have access to sensitive business information. Managing the devices means managing a range of tasks like which apps to be allowed for installation on them, or monitoring the location of devices, and even securing the devices in case they are lost, or stolen.

MDM enables enterprises to enhance the productivity of their workers by letting them access corporate data on their mobile devices. This helps in choosing the deployment method according to the particular business need. MDM Solutions also integrate with app development tools and business solutions. It can also manage multiple modes of operating systems like Android, Windows, Mac, and Chrome through multiple device types like tablets, laptops, smartphones, and others.

How do MDMs work?

The mobile device end-points such as laptops, tablets and smart-phones are managed remotely by IT admins. The devices are managed over-the-air (OTA) in MDM which use a client-server architecture, where-in the devices simply act as clients and the MDM server remotely pushes various configurations, apps and policies.

Benefits of Having Business Mobile Device Management 

  • MDM remotely manages users and their devices. It assures proper significant security of your mobile devices connected to a network and keeps your business safe through Managed IT support services.
  • MDM is cost-efficient and can be monitored from any device which encourages employees to use their own devices within the organization. It keeps things balanced and comfortable for an employee to feel more valued.
  • MDM can control device updates and makes sure that the systems are up-to-date in security terms. This protects your data from being shared or saved on third-party services.
  • MDM helps you to view time screen remotely and provide real-time support. This enables employees to send messages at any time or request information or help to the management without affecting their work productivity.