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Pandemic has changed the way we work. Lockdown, travel-restrictions, and social distancing norms made regular business interactions difficult.  

Remote working, and video conferencing solutions have become indispensable and the trend is continuing. With travel restrictions still on, more Australian businesses are now moving to hybrid mode of working.  

As per Acma, 82% started or increased video conferencing or calling and 65% started online or working from home. Video conferencing services have enabled this transition with several benefits. 

1: Setting Up the Remote Work Environment 

During pandemic, many Australian businesses went completely virtual and used video conferencing services for interaction. The work never stopped as the teams could meet virtually, the clients could interact without coming in close contact.  

The remote working still continues as more and more businesses realize savings, availability, and work-life-balance for people running the business.  

2: Increasing Engagement with Teams  

Audio-conferencing solution has its limitations. Although callers talk, they often get distracted as there is no visible presence to focus on.   

During video-conferencing, every participant is visible to the speaker and vice-versa. This ‘eye-contact’ between the speaker and the listener often leads to increased engagement.  

The body language also comes into play when during video-conferencing call. It’s more like having a real face-to-face conversation.   

Video conferencing thus offers an interaction that’s significantly close to real-life one. 

3: Reducing Costs of Operating Business 

Before pandemic, travel costs were a significant expenditure. However, the travel restrictions brought traveling to a halt. Video conferencing solutions emerged as true saviour.

47% of video call users have seen their travel costs reduced. 

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The cost of getting a video conferencing solution is a fraction of the travel expenses which are significantly high. Moreover, its continued usage removes the costs for transportation, hotel-stays and meals. Getting a video conferencing service benefits the entire company and comes within your budget. 

4: Reduced Travel Time and Better Work-life Balance 

Video conferencing solution reduces the travel requirement significantly. Now your team doesn’t have to spend hours in traveling. It saves a lot of hassle and leads to better work-life balance. 

Moreover, even those customer issues that need frequent interaction can be resolved over a video conference call. Reduced travel requirement means less exhaustion and better productivity throughout the work-week. 

5: Strengthening Client Relationships 

Rendering customer services during these times has been very challenging for some businesses. However, video conferencing has made things a whole lot simpler. If the customer is facing a technical problem, that can be better resolved if it’s clearly visible.  

Video conferencing call connects all the relevant persons together in a single place face-to-face with customer. Resolution provided over an interactive video conference call brings more satisfaction to the customer. He can see it, raise queries and get solution instantly. The personal connection is built strongly and often opens up new opportunities.  

6: Giving Edge Over Competition 

Video conferencing solution bring significant competitive advantage. Whether it’s employee productivity, customer relations, savings or expansion, these are significantly improved with a video conferencing solution. Several businesses have trusted Empower ICT for successful implementation of the solution to remain ahead of the competition.  

How is Video Conferencing Solution being used in the industry? 


The solution has numerous use-cases, some of them are: 

  • Recruitment & Training: Qualified candidates aren’t always easy to find. Using video conferencing, live interviews can be conducted and best candidates can be selected for the job. Many companies are using the solution to increase their remote team size.  
  • Providing Technical Support: An IT help desk equipped with video conferencing is enabled to resolve customer problems quickly. Customers can show the problems to the technicians who can diagnose and address them far more effectively.  
  • Conducting Live Events: Many companies have been launching new products using video conferencing. Webcasts and town-hall meetings are commonplace. These events become more engaging with the use of QA sessions.
  • Customer Service: Many customer-centric companies are taking a lead in providing customer service. Their customer support team is resolving the issues in real-time over a video conference call. Customers are more satisfied with the ‘live interactive service with human touch’. Their brand loyalty has also increased.
  • Telehealth: Providers of video conferencing solutions in Australia have made telehealth a reality during COVID-19 and saved many lives.  
  • Accessing Global Expertise: Video conferencing is also used to bring in global expertise that’s unavailable locally. These experts help improve the processes, provide consultation on critical matters, and also help in developing new products.  

Empower ICT benefits for Video Conference Solution 

Our solutions are designed to deliver high quality user experience at an affordable cost. We have the expertise and certifications to deliver the solution for any business needs. Benefits of taking our services are aplenty. 

Flexibility: Our solution is user-friendly and scalable to meet future business demands.

24X7 Support:  We are present round the clock to offer seamless video conferencing connectivity. 

Customizations: We provide solution tailor-made to your specific business needs. 

National Coverage: We offer services to small, mid-scale and large organisations across Australia. 

Get Many Benefits of Video Conferencing Solutions from Empower ICT 

We have given a few use-cases of video conferencing solution. Reach out to our team and stay ahead & safe with this solution at 1300 850 210.