Network Security

Why is network security important?

Scalable threat protection for the complex and demanding networks

Complex cyber-attacks and malware are increasing continuously. There is a crucial need for –uncompromised protection in the network and data centers. Traditional antivirus products are not sufficient to combat the client-side attacks that use complex techniques to enter the network.

How can an enterprise secure its perimeters with less complexity and resources?

A next-gen firewall solution, including the advanced integrated features such as web content filtering, threat protection, web content filtering, site-to-site VPN and application control, will help in securing an enterprise network completely.


Xstream architecture of the XG Firewall delivers extreme performance, protection and visibility.

Exposes the Hidden Risks

A high – level visibility into the advanced threats, activities that involve risks along with the suspicious traffic

Stop Unknown Threats

Advanced next-gen protection technologies like intrusion – prevention and deep-learning ensure organization security.

Identification and Isolation of Infected Systems

Automatic threat response stops the threat spreading by identifying and isolating the network’s compromised systems on your network to stop threats from spreading.

Features of XG firewall

  • XG Firewall provides a web-management console offering instant access to all the features.
  • Sophos Central offers a cloud management platform for managing all the Sophos products.
  • Policy templates streamline the configurations by offering common business applications.
  • XG Firewall’s Control center offers a glance feeds of alerts, traffic patterns and policies.
  • The unified policy model allows easy management of business, network and app rules at a single place.
  • Role-based admin offers granular access control to different functions.

Sophos XG Firewall

Sophos XG Firewall available from Empower ICT is the world’s best network security solution that offers complete visibility, protection and response.

Empower ICT is a leading Sophos Firewall Solution Provider. Our network security solutions allow businesses to protect their network.


Organizations often fail to gain complete visibility, protection and performance across the network, making their network vulnerable to network security threats.



Protection of network against the threats that come from multiple sources is time –consuming and complex.



Enterprises and businesses face challenges while connecting the sites across the network that is dispersed geographically.



Organizations often fail to monitor their network’s health, and they do not get notified about the active threats that can intrude on their network security.


Sophos Intercept X ensures network security by creating a primary line of defense at the level of the mobile network on iOS and Android.

Sophos offers unified threat management solutions that protect your entire network from a central console. With the technological evolution and advancements in security threats, your organization needs to be efficient enough to face the increasing security complexities and challenges. Sophos XG Firewall will help you in defending against the unknown threats and hidden risks with automatic incident response.

Unparalleled firewall protection

Empower ICT will help you utilize the XG firewall that is optimized for today’s business world that identifies the threats faster, simplify the investigation process and minimize the threat impact. The powerful appliance features along with the intuitive applications will you take you network security to the next level.

Sophos XG offers world-class network security using a unique network security approach that will allow you to manage your entire network protection from a central point – the Rule and Policies Screen. A visually action-oriented dashboard and comprehensive reporting for free are two of the many benefits that you will get from this revolutionary network security solution. Hundreds of pre-packaged reports that are offered by this firewall will provide you with the incredible insights of your network.

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